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Hotspot 2
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For Hotspot 2 this weekend;

Entry into the Knock Out is automatic for all activated birds.

The Team Competition (Prize Money of US$ 33,250) is any 5 activated pigeons in the name of one fancier or syndicate selected from any of the pigeons sent.

  • If a fancier has only 5 activated birds left which are basketed for Hotspot 2, we will enter them into the Team Competition automatically.
  • If a fancier has more than 5 activated birds basketed for Hotspot 2 and we are not informed of their 5 bird selection by email before liberation, then we will enter the first 5 birds from numerical order into the Team Competition.
  • If a fancier has less than 5 activated birds basketed for Hotspot 2 they cannot enter the Team Competition unless “For Sale” birds are bought to make up the number.
Topic starter Posted : 16/06/2021 8:13 am
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