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NOTE – Hotspot 1 Activations
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We will automatically move missing bird activations over to their next reserve on Friday morning once we have the basketing list for HS1.


A new feature on your login gives fanciers the ability to now activate pigeons at any time even whilst a race is running. You can click “OPTIONS” next to the pigeon and then activate birds for normal activations and then Super Ace also. The activation will not change the status of running or previous races and is set as at the time of liberation.

There are also updated features on the Victoria Falls App on smart phone. This app allows numerous notifications including running races, bonus races selection, own pigeon arrivals and other news of interest. These features can be turned on or off when wanted. Once the App is downloaded kindly use the same username and password of your race account to login.


Training flight 9 tomorrow is the last training before Hotspot 1 scheduled for this Saturday 12th June. Please note that we reserve the right to delay the liberation date on Hotspots if necessary to more suitable wind conditions.


Topic starter Posted : 10/06/2021 7:20 am
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