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Training Flight 12 & Donor Birds now US$ 800
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Donor Birds now US$ 800
Donor pigeons come from some of the most famous fanciers in the pigeon sport and there are still some pigeons not activated. Up to liberation of the Super Ace 1st Leg at Hotspot 3, donor birds have been sold at 1050 USD to include entry into the Super Ace competition.
Now that the entries are closed for Super Ace the remaining unsold Donor pigeons’ entry fee has been revised downwards to 800 USD. This includes 50 USD which will go to the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust.
The entry will allow you to compete in the remaining Grand Average races, Hotspots and the Final Race. In addition, 25% of the net after-race sale proceeds will accrue to the activator and 50% to Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust. First come first served and requests must be by email.
Please support this worthwhile charity by buying a pigeon.
Note: Any other For Sale bird which does not have Donor in the name is 750 USD.
Topic starter Posted : 01/07/2021 5:49 am
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