16 October, 2019


we got the idea to make our olr in the autumn of 2002, and we started mvl-cup in 2003.
this we made to promote the pigeon sport in scandinavia, at that time there were olr in many other countries and we could see
that the interest was growing so we decided to start.
in 2012 we decided to changes our name to danish pigeon race to make our name more international.
2019 is 16th. time we arrange danish pigeon race, biggest olr in scandinavia.

The loft
the loft is built by the belgian company punt & dierkens.
it is built in belgian style and all internal
gear has been delivered by the german company
kipshagen. there is room for 1.920 youngsters in
the 24 compartments – all with conveyor belts and
hardwood-grills on the floor. we can receive 1.800
youngsters in total.


• we have room for1,800 youngsters in our loft - registration takes place first-come-first-served principle.

• final registration and payment has to be made before 26th march 2019 – after this date we will resell the places not sold

• the youngster can be delivered in denmark to the loft on the following dates or see pick up dates on the last page of this folder.

Saturday march16 at 9:00 to 12:00 saturday april 13 at 9:00 to 12:00 saturday, april 27 at 9:00 to 12:00
• on delivery, the pedigree and ring cards must be delivered together with the youngsters.

initial care:

• we recommend you all to vaccinate your pi-geons 14 days prior to delivery against para-myxo. we will also vaccinate on arrival against paramyxo and they’re given a tricho tablet.
• all youngsters will be treated against worms and parasites at arrival

• each group of youngsters will be treated against tricomonas after one week on the loft

During the season the youngsters will be exam-ined by the dutch vetinarian henk de weerd from belgica de weerd. the droppings are exam-ined for bacterias and the general health condi-tions are in focus.

Send 5 pigeons plus 1 which is a reserve, if all pigeons are in the loft by the 1st june 2019 you can activate the 6th pigeon for 200 €.

If you have lost one or more pigeons before the 1/6 your pigeon will be activated automatically. if you chose to send 10 pigeons you get 1 free and 2 reserve pigeons.

here you can find more information about danish
pigeon race and you can follow all results and news on-line.
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Prizes danish pigeon race 2019

Final 24th august 2019:

1st prize € 50.000
2nd prize € 20.000
3rd prize € 10.000
4th prize € 6.000
5th prize € 3.000
6th prize € 1.200
7th-10th prize € 700
11th-20th prize € 533
21st-30th prize € 500
31st-50th prize € 333
51st-70th prize € 200
71st-100th prize gift card*

Ace pigeon competition
1st prize € 5.000
2nd prize € 3.000
3rd prize € 1.000
4th-10th prize gift card**

Hot spot races
1st prize € 300
in total 6 hot spot races

Loft Manager
Paul McBurnie
Team Dapirace




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