16 October, 2019


They ervin laro a colombófilo of rimini group. from 2013 i began to participate in some one loft race where i tried some very strong emotions by winning several international competitions and many head arrivals in the preliminary races. with these emotions and my great idea was born to create a unique pigeon in my city where i live and work, rimini, known as the entertainment capital. this one loft race from the possibility of participation to compete with their best pigeons to all pigeon fanciers from all over the world and beyond. besides the sports competitions the city of rimini offers to all pigeon fanciers to spend a weekend with their families and see the arrival of the final race that will make about 09 August 2019, or of the preliminary races seconds from the colombófilo participant chance and other fans of the sport. my goal to introduce more and expand the racing pigeons as possible, to create a true culture itself. thanks to the agents, the fast race pigeons rimini, many pigeon fanciers friends and my seriousness in this project i am optimistic to create a structure serious, responsible, fun and high quality.
i wanted to thank all the pigeon fanciers who have trusted me making reservations from the very start of the presentation of this project and all those who participate.
i grant all my best efforts, seriousness and above the maximum transparency. thank you



1º hot spot:110 km -12/07/2019
2º hot spot:145 km -19/072019
3º hot spot:190 km -26/07/2019

Semifinal :260 km-02/08/2019

Final race:400 Km-09/08/2019


Final Race FCI
1º place -10.000 +trophy
2º place-5.000+trophy
3º place-3.000+trophy
4º place-2.000+diploma
5º place-1000+diploma
6º-10º places -500+diploma
11º-20º places-250+diploma
21º-30º places-200+diploma

31º-40º- 1 Pigeon free 2020

1º place-500+diploma
2º place-400+diploma
3º place-300+diploma
4º place-200+diploma
5º place-100+diploma

Ace pigeons

1º place-1.000+trophy
2º place-500+trophy
3º place-300+trophy

Loft Manager
Ervin Laro
Ervin Laro





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