16 October, 2019


Conditions of participation
- Receiving pigeons will be between: 15 March to 15 May 2019
- The birds must be healthy and vaccinated against Paramyxovirus at least two weeks before bringing columbodrom.
- The birds must be accompanied pedigree and coupons.
- The registration fee is 80 euros / pigeon
- The number of birds that can be brought by a breeder is unlimited, and every five registered pigeons will enroll another 1 FREE (Team 5 + 1)
-Porumbeii that fail during the quarantine can be replaced by the date of May 10, 2019.
Electronic -Cipurile pigeons will be attached before the first workout.
-If a pigeon is lost and not embarked on the first training fee will be free next season to benefit from fee free for lost pigeon breeder must score at least one team (paid) then can register pigeons lost in the previous season. Embarkation for Hot Spot 1 will be carried out by a neutral commission and supervised by any participant who wishes to attend.
- unpaid pigeons list will be published three days before the first workout, this time can be activated by any other person. Any prize money will be handed to the person who activated the pigeon, but the pigeon fancier will compete under the name initial (who scored the dove). Pigeons that will not turn on, will not be engaged in any contest and become property of the organizers!
- Top AS is automatically generated by the software program Benzing. As ranking is drawn up for the birds arrive in the first and second day of the finals.
- pigeons arrived from Final, Super Derby or delay other steps will be auctioned online, 40% of the price obtained will go to the owner, 20% expenses related to the auction, 40% by the organizers.
- Owners who do not send pedgree to the closing date will not receive 40% of the price obtained at auction.
- pigeons that have not sold can be bought by the owners for the amount of 100 RON, within three days after the auction. After three days take possession columbodromului.
- In cases of force majeure (eg epidemics, avian flu, bad weather), SuperStar Columbodromului organizers reserve the right to modify workouts and competitions, including the time and distance to the final stage to be held.

Loft Manager Butoiescu Adrian



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