16 October, 2019



Announced by: Talent Quatro z.s. CZ05943272

Contacts: mobile telephone + 420 775 995 701 + 420 775 995 702
E-mail: talent-quatro@centrum.cz bomat@centrum.cz

Subject: Subject is a quality comparison of delivered young doves on bellow mentioned trainings and races between the members and between the states. The best members will be awarded financially according to the Chapter „Awards“. The competition will supervise a realisation team consisting of Ing.Stanislav Matuška, Mikuláš Varga, František Vaculčík, František Král, Jiří Vrobel and the appointed FCI delegate.

Basic Information
● The contribution for 1 dove is 70, - € , there will be not necessary any later activation. Only the completely filled order form is considered as a binding order.

IBAN: CZ9720100000002401226165

● The registration for participation in OLR Talent Quatro Šternberk could be filled out on the web page www.talent-quatro.cz , menu “Application form”.

Receiving of the Young Doves
● The number of young doves from one member is not limited. One team for the FCI Competition purposes consists of 12 pieces max. If the fancier delivers more than 12 pieces, he has to mark the individual teams by letters “A”, “B”, etc. 1 young doves will be received free of charge for 5 paid young doves.

From 1.4. 2019 to 17.5. 2019

● Every Tuesday, whole. Other time could be agreed by phone call.

● The young doves must be delivered in the age of at least 40 days and must have the ring of the year 2019. At the moment of delivery, it is necessary to submit a veterinary confirmation of vaccination against the Paramyxo .

Together with the young doves, we will take over their legible genealogy, property pass and owner’s signature. Please, prepare the list of delivered young doves together with their names for the handover.

In case of non delivery of the genealogy or property pass or both of them, the original owner loses the right for awarding and share of the auction. This comes in favour of the organiser.

● The original owner, by taking over the young doves, and by payment of the contribution in full amount, agrees with the proposition in full extent and the new owner of the young doves becomes automatically the organiser of this competition.

Medical Care
● The organiser of this competition undertakes to do new vaccination against the Paramyxo, vaccination against the Diphtery, and vaccination with new vaccination against the Adeno. The One Loft Race Talent Quatro Šternberk will be under regular veterinary supervision of Mr. MVDr. Pavel Maňák.

● In case of death of a young dove, the participant has the right to send, free of charge, a new one, in term up to 30.5. 2019.

Trainings and Races
The actual races schedule is placed on www.talent-quatro.cz , menu Races & Competitions.

The awarding is planned for 1100 of paid young doves. In the case of plus, minus 5% of the non corresponding number of the paid young with the planned number, the amount of awards will be modified in both directions.

Awarding of races:

Tvrdonice 1. – 3. place 120 + 110 + 100 €
Zohor 1. – 3. place 150 + 130 + 100 €
Neusiedl am See 1. – 3. place 200 + 170 + 140 €
Körmend 1. – 3. place 300 + 260 + 220 €
Races total 2.000 €

Final Race BARCS - 419 km

1. price 10.000 €
2. price 5.000 €
3. price 4.000 €
4. price 2.000 €
5. price 1.100 €
6. price 1.000 €
7. price 900 €
8. price 800 €
9. price 700 €
10. price 600 €
11. – 20. price 200 €= 2.000 €
21. – 30. price 100 € =1.000 €
31. – 50. price 70 € =1.400 €
51.-100. price 30 € =1.500 €
Finale total 32.000 €

Ace young dove:
1. – 3. place 700 + 500 + 300 € = 1.500 €
Time Ace :
1. – 3. place 700 + 500 + 300 € =1.500 €
Knock Out:
1. place 1.000 € =1.000 €
Ace young doves total 4.000 €

There will be awarded by cups always first all three places in each category, with exception of Knock Out.
Totally, there will be necessary 25 cups 600 €

Ace young dove: Evaluation from three coefficients. Two best coefficients will be taken from the four shorter races and the obligatory third coefficient will be added from the final race.

Time Ace: There are counted times of flights from all organised measured trainings and races. The winner is young dove with the lowest sum of times.

Knock Out: Exciting competition, where the only one failure means disqualification form the competition. The young doves that are coming back within 75 % of the participants from the 1st race, are reaching the 2nd round. In the 2nd race, they have to place within 50% of the participants; next, within 35 % and in the 4th race, they have to be within 20 %. In the last, final race, there wins the first coming young dove from all those, which have fulfilled the above mentioned criterions.

● The awards will be paid to the winners exclusively on their bank accounts. You will be asked to send the bank account number by www.talent-quatro.cz menu Talent, after finishing of entire race series and auction.

Auction of the young doves

● The prices of all auctioned young doves will be reduced by the reward of the auction portal and then divided in proportion 50% for the original owner and 50% for the Talent Quatro z.s.

● The young doves that will not be sold in the auction become the property of the Talent Quatro z.s. It is allowed to make free with them.

Cancellation of the public competition
The organiser may cancel the public competition in case of extraordinary situations. Typical example of this would be the announcing the situation of infection by national veterinary body, e.g. birds fever. In this case, the young doves would be sent back to the original owners incl. the amount of 20,- € for 1 young dove.

But, after the agreement with original owners, there could take place a big auction, from which gain 50% would fall to the original owner and 50% to the Talent Quatro z.s.. The auctioned sum will be always reduced by the reward of the auction portal.

Loft Manager
Stanislav Matuška

Talent Quatro

Talent Quatro
Uničovská 16, Šternberk 785 01, Czech Republic




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