WWW.ONELOFTRACING.COM: The website dedicated to the amazing world of the One Loft Races. A place to meet fanciers, breeders and organizers of ONE LOFT RACES WORLDWIDE.

After three years of activity, from, we have created a high quality audience from the point of view of the advertising and we consider that we are in the moment of being able to offer a digital advertising space of great use. is the reference in the world in the modality of racing pigeons; One Loft Races. It is also important to say that we are the organizers of One Loft Racing World League, a global online competition with a lot of participants and followers, whose information on the development of the competition is published exclusively at

In addition to an excellent web positioning and a responvsive website, we use several tools to get users to finally end up on the web; mailing, facebook, fan page of facebook, whatsapp, twitter, instagram, vk, youtube, etc.

Our launch offer are as follows:

BANNER (static or dynamic) with link, on the right side or on the left side of visible in all navigation.

  • The guide prices by month, size and position are in the image below. We adapt to your needs.
  • Discounts: 20% one year. 10% six months. 5% three months.

SPONSORED POST, advisable for any type of occasional promotion; products, events, auctions, about your company or the theme that you demand.

  • The prices are in the image below. We adapt to your needs.
  • The sponsored post will be at least 24 hours anchored on the top of the front page.
  • The sponsored post will be disseminated by mailing (newsletter) and social networks.


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