16 October, 2019


1. Pigeon registration is open to all national and international pigeons, and they must all have official nest rings of their corresponding federation, with their year in force.
2. The term for receiving pigeons will be from 1 Februarty to 15 June.
3. The number of pigeons to be registered per participant is completely free.
4. When pigeons are received, they must mandatorily carry their pedigree and ownership certificate; pigeons without the pedigree and ownership certificate can be received, but they must be delivered before the final release. Pigeons without the pedigree and ownership certificate in the Derby final will lose all their pigeon rights, both with regard to cash prices and with regard to the auction. We remind you that a winning pigeon will not have the same value with pedigree as without pedigree.
5. The registration Price per pigeon will be 125 €. Registration of 4 pigeons plus 3 reserve pigeons, will be 500€. 9 teams sent = 1 free team (4+3 reserve pigeons). All activated pigeons will take part in all contests, except for the reserve ones, which each owner must activate before the Zafra basketing (120 km), first flight counting for AS PALOMA for a value of 125€ per pigeon; if the owner does not name the reserve pigeons when they are delivered, they will then be selected randomly. If the owner decides not to activate the reserve pigeon, it will enter an activation list, remaining free and with the possibility to be activated by another participant, which will be able to activate before the next basketing (Almendralejo 150 kms). Thus, the first owner would lose the right to a prize, and this right would be awarded to the participant activating it. This pigeon will take part in all flights up to the race of León 620 kms “THE QUEEN RACE”. The auction right will always be for its owner. Submittal expenses will be charged to the participant.
6. Pigeons will be sent directly and/or personally to the Derby, or by MRW postage prepaid by the participant. The submittal address for pigeons will be:
Polígono 16, Parcela 358, Los Pencales (Camino Cerro de Almohadilla, Dehesa del Rey).
Coria del Rio
C.P.: 41100
Before sending the pigeons, please call us to the number indicated below.
Teléfono: Antonio: +34 685 692 022

7. The deposit of the pigeons money will be made to:
Club Colombófilo La Puebla del Río. C.I.F.: G-91498766.
Banco Caixa Bank : IBAN: ES15 2100 8079 2802 0004 2381
In no case will the money of the registrations be paid to the agents, unless the participant requests a prior authorisation to the Derby organisation.

8. Once the pigeons are received, they will be owned by the organisation, and it will be in charge of all expenses, care and feeding: vaccines, treatments, feeding, training and releases, etc.
9. The owner of the pigeons will have to vaccinate and deworm them before their submittal. Pigeons with a visible disease will not be accepted. In order to guarantee pigeons’ health, we have decided to carry out group quarantines. When pigeons are received, they will be vaccinated and dewormed.
10. Pigeons will be kept in a pigeon loft, with perches of the same conditions, and there will be no separation by sex.
11. If any pigeon is lost when returning to its usual breeding or living place before the beginning of the flight championship, the owner will be entitled to replace it with another pigeon free of cost for the following year. The organisation will communicate with its owner by the web, by e-mail and/or by telephone. Transport expenses will be borne by the participant.
12. The organising entity is not liable for damages that can take place: thefts, accidents, etc.
13. The organising entity cannot register any pigeon belonging to the Organiser Club.
14. If due to any cause not attributable to the organisation it has to suspend, postpone or change the conditions and/or releases of SEVILLA PIGEONS RACE, for meteorological reasons or any other circumstance, the organisation reserves the right to alter any clause of the contest bases, releases, dates, etc.
15. Up until the training release of La Algaba, pigeons will be released in small groups, to avoid possible accidents, and so that they learn to find their way themselves.
16. From the release of Venta del Alto, pigeons will be released together, and they will be checked so that participants can see them in the web.
17. The first 40 pigeons which come back from the final (SALAMANCA), will enter an auction, on the condition that 50% will be for the owner, and the other 50% will be for the organising entity. From pigeon nº 41 until pigeon 100º (that have come back), 70% will be for the organisation and 30% for the owner. All pigeon owners in the auction will be discounted 10 euros for the photograph and management expenses. The organisation will pay the percentage of the auction to the owner of the pigeon, within a maximum period of 30 days, from the day the purchaser makes the payment of the purchased pigeon; that amount will be subject to the legal withholding in force in each country. If there is no bid for a pigeon in the auction, it can take part in a second auction, together with pigeons whose winner has not paid their price. If they are also not sold in the second auction, the organisation will seek the way of selling it deems fit, but the participant will lose the corresponding percentage on that pigeon.
18. Every participant who has not delivered the pedigree and ownership certificate of his pigeons that have come back in the final, will not be entitled to any percentage in the auction, and will not be eligible for any cash prize of the contests. From pigeon 101, every participant who wishes to purchase his pigeon will be able to do so for a symbolic price of 50€, provided it has not classified in any race of those mentioned below in the first 20 positions (Almendralejo, Cáceres, Plasencia), and it is not classified among the first 20 of AS PALOMA.
19. “170.000€” To distribute in prizes SEVILLA PIGEONS RACE, calculated based on 3.500 paid pigeons. Reserve pigeons will not be counted. If that amount is not reached, prizes will be reduced, and if that amount is exceeded, prizes will be increased. Pigeons that are not paid will be placed on a list so that any person activates them, and this person will be eligible for the prizes. On the day of the final, pigeons that are not activated will not fly in the final. The money collected in the auction for pigeons that are not paid will be for the organisation. The deadline to pay the pigeons will be the Zafra flight, as if they are not paid, they cannot be eligible for the cash prize of that flight.
20. Cash prizes will be subject to the withholding of the law in force.
21. If prizes are not completed, pigeons coming back within a maximum of 3 days from the day of the release, would be eligible for their corresponding prize, and the rest would be for the organisation. If no pigeon arrives before the mentioned deadline, money would be for the organisation. The AS PALOMA prize will be for the pigeon that is best classified from the following flights: Zafra, Almendralejo, Cáceres, Plasencia y Salamanca.

León 620 Kms.
To carry out THE QUEEN RACE, a minimum total of 200 pigeons must arrive from the Salamanca final.
All pigeons that come back from the final from position 101º will go to “THE QUEEN RACE”, León 620 kms unless their owners want to purchase them for a symbolic price of 50 euros, provided they have not been activated by another person, and the pigeon has not been classified in any of the races mentioned below in the first 20 positions (Almendralejo, Cáceres, Plasencia), and it is not classified in the first 20 positions in AS PALOMA. This race will take place between 15 and 30 days after the race Salamanca 425 kms, depending on the climate, the recovery status and physical condition of the pigeons. In these days to prepare for the race, there can be several preparatory flights, from 50 kms a 200 kms.
All pigeons coming back from THE QUEEN RACE can be purchased by their owners, provided they are classified from 51º onwards, and can only and exclusively be purchased by their owner.
Pigeons percentages in the auction will be: from positions 1º to 50º of pigeons that have come back, 50% for their owners, and 50% for the organisation; 10 euros will also be discounted from the percentage corresponding to the owner, for the photograph and management expenses. From pigeon 51º that has come back onwards, 100% of the auction percentage will be for the organisation.

Loft Manager
Antonio Cutiño
Antonio Cutiño





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