28 May, 2020



TOTAL PRIZES: €150,000

Amount of pigeons: 3500

Reception of pigeons from: 01/02/2020

Reception of pigeons to: 15/05/2020

Final Race Date: 23/09/2020

Final Race Distance: 510 km

Observations: 1 team = 6 pigeons= 3 active + 3 reserves. Reserve activation before semi-final 320 km




Our goal with the race is to become one of the most transparent and one of the best races in Europe.
Many years of experience as participants, promotors, agents in many races world wide give us the basis we need to create a good race that the fanciers will be happy with.

In general we think there is a potential to do more for the fancier who invest a lot to join a race.
We will focus on iquality in all aspects of the OLR like:

-Transport of pigeons
-Loft Management
-Payments of prices
-Response time

The final race 510km is on Wednesday 23.September in the Algarve week.
That make it the biggest OLR happening in the world!
3 big final races in 4 days within short distrance is fantastic!

For those fanciers who stay in Monte Gordo or Olhão in Algarve this week there will be buses going from Algarve to Sevilla and back again on the race day. A fantastic oppertunity .

Temporary website with more info is new.sevillapigeonrace.com
Original website will be updated next week when we are in Sevilla.


150.000€ in total prize money*

1.st finale race 50.000€
1st semi-final 10.000€
1st Ace Pigeon 10.000€

* requires 2000 active pigeons


By the way:
Sevilla winter race 2020 will be executed by the old loft organization with Antonio in charge and will have nothing to do with the new organization.




kurt Helgesen

I am Kurt Helgesen from Norway and I am the new Race Manager for Sevilla Pigeons Race in Spain.

One Loft Racing and Management is my passion and together with a very competent promotor team and loft management we shall work hard to make Sevilla Pigeons Race to the most transparent and one of the best OLR in Europe!

Strong focus on quality in all aspects of our business like service to the participants and management of the pigeons.

We took over the race from 1.January and we are now working hard to prepare all info and updates on the webpage and preparations for fairs around Europe.

Below you can see some info about the race plan, prices and application and more before all will be published on our real website. More info will come so stay tuned!

Best regards




International Promoter
+31 611 566 853

I am Sergio Ferreira and I am International Promotor of  Sevilla Pigeon Race in Spain.

When I was asked to join the Sevilla Team I saw this as a fantastic opportunity to create a high quality race with full transparency and the best service to the fanciers.

Sevilla Pigeon Race will have representatives on fairs in:
  • Portugal  11.-12.January
  • Spain 16.-19.January
  • Blackpool 18.-19.January
  • Romania 17.-19.January
  • Norway 18.January
  • Denmark 24.-26.January
  • Fugare 8.-9.February
  • Houten 28.Feb – 1.March

So far we have connected to around 20 agents in different countries and the number will still increase. Agents are puplished accordingly and there will be published a full list within short time.

I am looking forward to serve agents and fanciers all over the world and of course too meet a lot of you at some of the fairs.

Best regards


The Loft Manager for the season 2020 is Miguel Infante.

Miguel is a very experienced pigeon fancier and a big champion from Sevilla. To make sure we have sucess and your pigeons are in good hands.

Miguel Infante



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