A NEW LUXURY ONE LOFT RACE IN EUROPE: WEST SLOVAK DERBY There is a new One Loft Race in Europe that starts as a great project that we are sure will give much to talk about; West Slovak Derby. From www.oneloftracing.com we want to know more about this One Loft Race and we have talked with the loft manager, Andrej Kováčik. Who is the organizer of West Slovak Derby? It is a civic association established only for ONE LOFT RACE. The president of this association I am, Andrej Kováčik, and I am also the owner of the new One Loft Race.andrej-kovacik-west-slovak-derby-team Andrej Kovacik. West Slovak Derby Team.   When and why do you decide to create West Slovak Derby? The idea to create SLOVAK WEST DERBY One Loft Race was established in summer 2016 one private party where  one very good family friend has inspired me this idea with pigeons, and especially its high-end device (pigeon house). Of course I had to think  all of it and I deside to createt it.  It was not at all easy in today’s competition into this so demanding project. But finally, my family suported me very well and I could realized it. Visits to the designer took about two weeks and the project took its final form. Now, I think the project is a success. At this time I am being built really big and very modern device intended for racing of pigeons. west-slovak-derby Where is West Slovak Derby located? SLOVAK WEST DERBY is located in Western Slovakia, in Trenčín region, at the small village of Libichava. The village has only 160 inhabitants and on the edge of the village is built OLR WEST SLOVAK Derby. This is very important for such an event in order to avoid problems on the part of the population. We have a privileged relationship in the village so we opened the door to the future.village15032107_1838478536385735_8582276414687687927_n Which are the features of the loft?  The loft is a wooden construction with a double cloak. The interior is 15 mm with birch plywood. The roof is covered roof tiles. Each sectors (8 sectors) are divided into internally split. In each sector is designed by wooden grids. Prior to each section will be large aluminum aviary with the bearing surface 125 cm x 220 cm connection with the other aviary monitored by cameras Full HD. Cameras in the loft will be a total of 17 BENZING is our starting the installation system and in our will be started LOFT SCAN function every day. Each participant can thus check their pigeon at any time. Pigeons will be darken for 2/3 of a day and it will be ready for scheme dark. The unique thing in our dovecote is ventilation. Ventilated will be also air around the pigeons. Small veterinary clinic is right in the middle loft and will be used to sample and swabs and especially the analysis of droppings. The microscope is connected online with BELGICA DE WEERD. Pigeons will feel truly luxurious and that was our goal. The dovecote really meets all the requirements that the health problem has been totally eliminated.partners West Slovak Derby partners   Which are the features of the competition? To this question I was really excited. All conditions for the participants we have published on our website in the section proposition www.west-slovakderby.com 2017. Of course, I will explain the most important. Entry fee for 2017 is € 850. Loft capacity is 1100 for team. In this fee is a team and that consists of three pigeons active and one reserve pigeon. But I decides to do some promo for the first year. Conditions – fee for entry to all we significantly reduced. When one party order one team than the other team we offered the half price, and the third team in just one-third the price of an entry fee. The activation of reserve pigeon before the race is only 100 euros. Only in our country is subsidized every race and also in our area SLOVAK WEST DERBY will be held on the occasion of the race. Bar and restaurant are commonplace. The largest event is planned finale with 522 km. We offer two stands and one of them is a VIP. We are waiting for strong participation and therefore there is currently 700 seats. Final must be interesting – is scheduled to party and many interesting guests online uploading to YouTube. Surely we will not disappoint anyone. The cuisine is really varied and I think that each participant will be satisfied. With regard to prices in the finals win is 50 000 Euro and auto Kia Sorento, fully equipped for 22,000 Euro. All information we will be continuously published on our website in the blog section. Everything, of course, we will focus to our participants to be satisfied.promotion-2017 Promotion 2017.   What about agents and shipping of pigeons? Still looking for other representatives and offer them good conditions. On our website are all already active dealer in the contact section. Transport of pigeons we will solve for our self directed through the Europe. Other is possible through our partner for air transport PELIKAN.SK. You can contact us on our email: info@west-slovakderby.com jassim-al-kulaib-with-west-slovak-derby-team Jassim Al-Kulaib with West Slovak Derby Team   What stands out in West Slovak Derby? Luxury Loft. Above-standard care for the pigeons. Everything is on the 17 cameras online 24 hours a day. A loft scan to check your pigeons anytime. Info report each day. Prizes are paid IMMEDIATELY after the race and after checking the charter. SMS TIP is a category where you can win and common man. This and much more is waiting for you in our OLR.west-slovak-derby   What are your goals? My personal goal is to achieve the satisfaction and trust of our participants. And that what we write is actually true and we adhere to all the conditions already set. My vision is to make the OLR WEST DERBY SLOVAK the best and most transparent test station in Europe.14962363_1274610165912023_1437715308_n   Thank you very much, Andrej Kováčik. You are welcome, thanks www.oneloftracing.com, at the end, I would like to invite everybody on the unique sport experience and participate in our One Loft Race WEST SLOVAK Derby in 2017. For everyone is our One Loft Race open. Only here we will take care of you and weĺl give imports to us by flight, with return transportation at home, we ofcourse provide hotels. We are redy for a high standard in here.  All of you are welcome in here. I’m looking forward!logo banner-world-league

You are on time, join the most exciting racing pigeons competition!



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