EUROPA MASTER PIGEONS 2020. Collection data Europe


On Sunday, May 17, 2020 we will be picking up pigeons for the EUROPA MASTER PIGEONS OLR FCI in Germany.

Since we drive a truck of 22 tons, a collection point with sufficient space is needed.

Courtesy of Mr. Patrick Winter, the collection point for the pigeons is located at Lindemeyer Tiernutrition und Pigeon Sport in Roßkampweg 69, 32130 Enger

The acceptance of the pigeons in Bünde / Enger takes place from 10:00-17:00 h.

The pigeons will accept the following collection points from May 14. (courier shipping on 13.05.) and take over the delivery in Bünde on 17.05 2020:

Markus Söllner

Pottery Alley 12

36269 Philippsthal

Tel. 06620 6243

Alfons Klaas

Westerwieher Str. 208

33397 Rietberg

Tel: 05244 928999

Werner A. Waldow

Gräwingheide 2

46282 Dorsten

Tel. 0172 2626841

Dieter Meissner

Hedgehog trail 35

65428 Rüsselsheim

Tel. 0176 9552 5002

SG Wollitzer
Tel: 0159 06700 186

In addition, in exceptional cases, the pigeons can also be delivered directly to Mr. Otto Klaus on Saturday, 16.05. 2020, company Klaus Gritsteinwerk GmbH & Co. KG in 32257 frets, Buchenstr. 7.

On May 18, 2020, the truck will also collect pigeons at Mr. Alexander Gebel in 07318 Saalfeld / Thuringia, Florian Geiyer Straße 107 (Remschuz riding facility) from 08:00-10:00 h. For a pigeon delivery please contact us directly: 0152 23070550.

In the afternoon there is also the possibility to host pigeons near Regensburg. Here is a timely contact with Danut Bacalu on 0040 747 332 163-also What’s App – E-Mail: necessary.

EURO RESTPARK Regensburg-East
48° 59’46.0 “n 12 ° 09’01.8” e
48.996110, 12.150510

The next station is at:
Rest area Ohetal-South
E56, 94036 Passau

In Austria we stop there:
Shell Linz
48° 12’44.0 “n 14 ° 16’53.0” e
48.212209, 14.281398

then then then then

7111 Parndorf, Austria
47° 58’37.0 “n 16 ° 50’55.1” e
47.976947, 16.848634

In Hungary we stop them:
Győr new friend m1 highway 119. Km, 9081…/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x476bc0e468d8a987…

The participants from Belgium and the Netherlands can contact Mr Kajo Joep Stroetges. He picks up the pigeons from these lands. Tel: 0049 15739471857 that’s the phone number, evening call after 20.00 pm

The participants from Belgium and the Netherlands, please contact Mr Kajo Joep Stroetges. He collects the pigeons from these countries.

As we carry out transport with a truck with a capacity of 7.000 pigeons, we will also accept pigeons for the following OLRs:

1. FCI International Pigeon Race Moldawien
2. FCI Ukraine Masters Pigeon Race FCI
3. Romania Golden Pigeons FCI
4. Super Star One Loft Race FCI
5. AS Bucovina Horodnic from above FCI
6. Derby Bucovina Cajvana
7. Euro Star Race
8. Balkanik Fair-Play Race
9. Kalimanci – Russia is a the
10. Columbodrome FCI OLR ship
11. Columbodrom Arad FCI
12. Derby International Brasov OLR
13. As Golden Pigeon Grecia
14. Derby Halkidiki – OLR Greece.
15. Vac FCI Grand Prix Hungary
16. Top OLR pigeons (Top Pigeons OLR) Romania
17. th-17. St. Belgrade’s winner

The following measures should be taken due to the current Corona situation and the conditions of the authorities:

1. pigeon breeders who want to give pigeons should be personally messaged and loaded as possible.

2. Only one person by car is left in the yard / parking lot to be able to give pigeons. A maximum of 3 different people may be present. Everyone else has to wait in the car until it’s your turn.

3. A minimum distance of 1,5 meters must be kept from each other and hands disinfection will be ready.

4. There is a mandatory masks, even if it does not apply regularly to Germany, Ostreich or Hungary.

We must be understanding and patient not to break the law. We can work with a single pigeon breeder, especially when we gather for several OLRs. and we don’t want to make mistakes.


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