Hoosier Classic 2022. Loft Fly

Loft Fly 20/07/2022

  • Distance: 1 mile(s)
  • Release Time: 20.07.2022 10:30:00 (GMT -5:00)
  • basketed Pigeons: 4368

Hoosier Classic Team (JULY 12TH UPDATE):

We have started to flag the pigeons as of yesterday and today.  Majority of the birds group up nicely, however we do have our fair share of birds reluctant to fly.  This will all change over the coming weeks.  Birds have been split into two groups.  Hopefully we see less accidents this way.  There have been several birds coming back in the evening and early morning as well.  

All birds were given a bath today and they continue to molt nicely.  Our plan is to continue with flagging daily and we will start to introduce the birds the the trailer for property releases next week.  

July 2nd Update


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