Hoosier Classic 2022. Training 6

Training Nr. 6

Hoosier Classic Team:

Birds were taken 5 miles today and came home nicely.  The birds rushed into the loft as we have been working on changing their schedule to have them clock right away.  It seems to have worked today, and we believe there are birds that may have jumped the antennas going into the loft.  We do have some birds outside still that are being a little stubborn also.  We do not want to stress the birds out by chasing them back out to run over the antennas again.   We know this is frustrating for fanciers that may be showing a missing bird.  It is also frustrating for us because we have modified the traps several times to try to slow them down.  When they are determined to get back in though they find ways to bombard the traps.  

  • Distance: 5 mile(s)
  • Release Time: 16.08.2022 08:00:00 (GMT -5:00)
  • basketed Pigeons: 4368

Familie Soellner (Germany)


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