8 March, 2021

Interview with Martin Saevareid – Fci Grand Prix Portugal – Mira One Loft Race 2017 – Individual Winner

Interview with Martin Saevareid – Fci Grand Prix Portugal – Mira One Loft Race 2017 – Individual Winner

1-What expectations did you have when you decided to enroll that pigeon in FCI Grand Prix Portugal? Martin- I sent 4 pigeons and my expectations were to get them all through the first period and ready for first race. Mira is an old OLR and I expect professional management.
2-How important is this result for you?Martin- Winning a big OLR was for me a big dream. I have been playing in OLR for some years now, but this year I decided to participate in many OLR and the dream became trough. I will say there will be a time before and after this victory, but I am a man with both feet on the ground and my participation in OLR will be approximately the same even after this victory.
3-Was it the first time that you are represented in Mira’s competition?Martin- No, I was also participating in 2016. I had ace pigeon no 15 before final race, but in final race she did not arrive before 2nd day so not a big success for me last year.
4-Did You follow the competition? If yes , how?Martin- Yes, we followed the race through Benzing Live with a few friends. After the result was clear it was champagne and cognac and celebration.
5- What is your opinion about Mira One Loft Race, competition organized by Portuguese Racing Pigeon Federation, in Mira?Martin- Last year I was not so happy because I lost too many pigeons early. This year was much better and when you have 2 pigeons in the final race and achieve 1st and 41st place in FCI final it is lot more than you can expect. Regarding info and communication I would like to have more and better information like confirmation when you receive pigeons and more often loft status reports.
6-In the future do you intend to compete again in Mira? Martin- Yes, I am planning for Mira also for the 2018 edition if there will be arranged a proper transport of the pigeons from Norway.
7- What are the best characteristics that, in your opinion, Norwegian pigeons have? Martin- Where I live on the west coast we are few fanciers and very rough conditions for the pigeons. Even 100km races can be very hard and pigeons can come one by one. Rough nature, deep fjords and high mountains with lot of hawks and falcons make the selection process different from other countries. We like to say that our pigeons are powered by nature and “the survival of the fittest” counts.
8- What message did you like to leave to all the fanciers who were competing in Mira? Martin- I will highly recommend Mira. The racing program is not by the hardest and that means many pigeons in FCI final which gives you a good chance for a good score in the FCI Grand Prix championship.

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