Ostseerennen 2021. Training 4

Training 4

  • Release Point: Süsel
  • Info:Die Tauben Können nicht mit. Verletzt oder Spätheimkehrer
  • Distance: 10 km
  • Release Time: 02.07.2021 11:15:00 (GMT +2:00)

A total of 4 price flights will be carried out.

The distances of the price flights are approx. 150 km, 200 km, 300 km

and the final flight approx. 400 – 500 km depending on the weather.

The first 3 prize flights

1st prize 1,000 euros
2nd prize 700 euros

3rd prize 500 euros

4th prize 400 euros

5th prize 300 euros

6th – 10th prize 200 euros

11th – 50th price 100, – Euro

Final flight

1st prize 15,000 euros

2nd prize 9,000 euros

3rd prize 7,000 euros

4th prize 5,000 euros

5th prize 3,000 euros

6th prize 2,000 euros

7th prize 1,000 euros

  1. Price 800 euros
  2. Price 600 euros

10th prize 500 euros

11th – 30th price 300 euros

31st – 50th price 200, – Euro

51 – 200. Price 160 euros

201 – 300. Price 100 euros

The prize money is played out with a minimum participation of 1,600 paid pigeons.

If the number of paid pigeons is lower, the prices will be adjusted on a percentage basis.

Special prices

AS – pigeon

The 5 best prize pigeons across all prize flights

according to prices, then according to AS points

1st prize 3,000 euros

2nd prize 2,000 euros

3rd prize 1,500 euros

4th prize 1,000 euros

5th prize 500 euros

Super cup

1st prize 5,000 euros

2nd prize 3,000 euros

3rd prize 1,000 euros

4th prize 1,000 euros

5th prize 2 free pigeons for 2022

6th prize 1 free pigeon for 2022

The entry fee for the Super Cup is an additional 50 euros per pigeon.

The prize money at the Super Cup applies to a minimum participation of 250 pigeons.

If fewer pigeons are registered, the prize money will be adjusted on a percentage basis.

         Rules of the game 2021


Registration by April 30, 2021

An earlier registration deadline can be pronounced,

as soon as the capacity of the loft is reached.

The registration fee per pigeon is 160 euros. (incl. 19% VAT)

!!! New !!! 10 + 1 (every breeder, team or SG receives the 11th pigeon as a free pigeon)

Payment of the pigeons

The entry fee must be paid upon delivery by bank transfer or cash.

Account details via this LINK


Delivery will take place from March 15 to April 30, 2021 at the latest. At

Upon delivery, the pigeons automatically become the property of the organizer.

You can deliver your pigeons personally at the loft or have them sent by pigeon courier. If you want to send your pigeons by courier, please take care of the transport in good time.

Vaccination of the pigeons:

The pigeons must be vaccinated at least 14 days prior to delivery and delivered by the doctor with a certificate of vaccination.

Age of the pigeons:

The pigeons must be at least 35-40 days old when they are delivered.

If this is not the case, the organizer can refuse the pigeons.

In order to guarantee a smooth transaction, the pigeons must be delivered with a ring card and complete pedigree.

Training and support

The pigeons are looked after all around by the Baltic Sea team.

The organizer Harry Gerrits and Volker Graaf are responsible for training and feeding.

After the familiarization period, there are 8 training flights

depending on weather conditions up to approx. 100 km.

The required veterinary examination will be carried out by

Dr. Warzecha and Dr. de Weerd carried out as required.

Final flight

250 prizes are guaranteed, regardless of the number of pigeons that start! If the prize pigeons are not reached, it will be on at the latest

The flight ended Tuesday after the final flight at 8 p.m.


The first approx. 120 prize pigeons of the final flight will be on Sunday,

auctioned on 12.09.2021 (with a regular final flight) on site.

The first auction will be on Saturday when the pigeons arrive

started as a pre-auction on the Internet and on Sunday in the

Auction continued and ended.

The respective breeder, team or SG receives 50% of the proceeds from the first 200 prize pigeons.

The remaining prize pigeons and a large part of the non-prize pigeons

will be auctioned at a later date.

The following auctions will be announced in good time on the Internet.

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