16 October, 2019


Terms of participation 2019

The pigeons will be received in the period: 1 march - 15 may 2019
- pigeons must be vaccinated against paramyxovirosis and be accompanied by pedigree and bead of property.
-the participation fee is 75 euro / pigeon and can participate with minimum 2 pigeons.
no activation fee is charged !!!
the pupils will pay the registration fee in euro or lei (at the course set in march 2019)
-the number of pigeons that can be brought by a breeder is unlimited, and every 4 pigeons will be able to bring another 1 free. (4 + 1 free, 8 + 2 free, 12 + 3 free ...)
- pigeons placed in the final will be sold online at a later date of the derby stage, 50% of the price will go to the owner, and 50% to the organizers (after the auction costs will be reduced - 15% for the auctioned pigeons in romania. if the pigeons will bid on a site in europe or asia, the auction costs will vary.) the auction starts at 50 euros.
for countries with at least 20 teams registered (100 pigeons), national rankings will be made. (ex loc 1 finals will take place 1 international and 1 place national - romania, bulgaria, italy, greece, etc ...) with cups 1 national and medals 2 and 3 nationals in the final stage!

- if before a first stage (ghimpati) a breeder does not have any of the pigeons enrolled at the columbodrome present at the start, it will benefit from free registration for the same number of pigeons in the following year.
birds that have not been sold can be bought by the owners for the sum of 25 euros, within 7 days after the auction. after 7 days they will be in possession of the columbodrome.
in cases of force majeure (eg epidemics, avian influenza, bad weather), the organizers reserve the right to modify the training program and contests, including the date and distance from which the final stage will take place.


Loft Manager
Crustinea Florin




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