16 October, 2019


One Loft Racing World League 2019
One Loft Racing World League is a competition in which registered participants compete for free at the same time as they do in an One Loft Race.
In this competition parallel to the One Loft Race, the One Loft Racing World League ranking reflects the time spent by each participant (their pigeons) in completing all the official races of said One Loft Race.
In One Loft Racing World League each One Loft Race is a different competition, has a different ranking.
In addition, every year, there is another competition called Masters World Division, in which a maximum of 32 selected participants compete among all registered participants in One Loft Racing World League. These 32 participants will be selected according to their results in One Loft Racing World League of the previous season and selected by the organization.
All the above, is a change of concept with respect to the previous editions, where there were two divisions in One Loft Racing World League, now all the participants compete in the same level, that is, in any One Loft Race scoring for One Loft Racing World League, and among these participants, every year, there is a maximum 32 that will also do so in Masters World Division.


Loft Manager
Frank P. Ruiz and Jose Parra

Dears fanciers: We are Frank P. Ruiz and Jose Parra from Spain, we created in 2015 www.oneloftracing.com, which is born to become the meeting place worldwide of everything to do with One Loft Pigeon Racing. We are pigeon fanciers and lovers of One Loft Pigeon Racing, so we invite you to this website we have opened for all those interested in the pigeon world. In 2017, we organize ONE LOFT RACING WORLD LEAGUE; a new racing pigeons world competition in one loft races, with a innovate format, divided in world divisions, a fair and exciting competition, where fanciers compete at the same time and with the same pigeons that they compete in the one loft races. The results and the goals; a fanciers world ranking with a special trophy and the most important; to give the relevance that deserves to the elite of our sport. “The best pigeon wins an One Loft Race, the best fancier around the world will win One Loft Racing World League”. We look forward to your participation. Regards. The www.oneloftracing.com





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