www.oneloftracing.com is born

Logaster-2-gplus-profile-400px Welcome to www.oneloftracing.com, born to become the meeting place worldwide of everything to do with One Loft Pigeon Racing. We are pigeon fanciers and lovers of One Loft Pigeon Racing, so we invite you to see and register with the website we have opened for all those interested in the pigeon world. Here, when you register with the website you will find, share or publish all the information about One Loft Pigeon Races worldwide; news, interviews, opinions and all the latest on your favourite sport. Organizers, breeders and fanciers will have their own personal spaces on our website. So, welcome to your website, and we look forward to your participation. http://www.oneloftracing.com/wp-login.php?action=register Regards The www.oneloftracing.com team.]]>

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