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These are the 25 best from the final of Sevilla Pigeon Race 2020!

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QUEEN OF SEVILLA! – The winner of final race 510 km from Santovenia!
This fantastic hen came alone and clocked after 8 hours and 35 min flying at a speed of 989m/m.

This was a venture pigeon activated by Chen Min from China.

HotSpot 1 143km:                    1177/1285
HotSpot 2 207km:                    535/1229
HotSpot 3 215km:                     172/758
Semi-final 320km:                    150/753
Final race 510km                      1/655
Ace Pigeon:                                156 of 1799 pigeons

The breeder, Hans-Paul Eßer is a top German fancier with great success both in Germany and in the OLR sport.
On this super pedigree you find both his famous “South African King” and “South African Queen” on the fathers side.

The mother comes from SG Steffl and here you find some of the best pigeons from Steffl like 1.ace from AS Golden Race, Winner of Algarve Golden Race and winner of Ostserennen OLR.



“Gerdy”, the winner of 6th place for Team Thailand alias DR. TEERACHON-TEC.

This pigeon is bred by Dina Sierens from Belgium and is a mix between top Barceona racers on the fathers side and top OLR racers on the mothers side. The mother won 20th place in Derby Brod and she also bred a 57th place in Thailand Grand Prix.

HotSpot 1 143km:                    455/1285
HotSpot 2 207km:                    358/1229
HotSpot 3 215km:                     100/758
Semi-final 320km:                    228/753
Final race 510km                      6/655
Ace Pigeon:                                53 of 1799 pigeons



“Mojo 6”, the winner of 12th place in the final race belongs to Team Norwegian Turbo and is bred by Team MoJo.

A strong pedigree on this pigeon and a cross between Jens Borker (Gûnther Prange pigeons) x Henk Schepens. The father is a direct son of “Blue Magic” who is father to 6 x 1st and 1st Ace. The father is inbred to famous Ringlose no 12 from Günther Prange.

The mother is a mix from Henk Schepens x Peter van de Merwe and both parents are very good racers.

HotSpot 1 143km:                    395/1285
HotSpot 2 207km:                    154/1229
HotSpot 3 215km:                     242/758
Semi-final 320km:                    485/753
Final race 510km                      12/655
Ace Pigeon:                                69 of 1799 pigeons


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