Talent Quatro 2022. Training 18-07-2022

Training 18-07-2022

Place of startVýšovice
Distance35.716 km
Date and time of start18.07.2022 06:45:00
Weather on the place of startClear, calm, 12° C.
Weather on the place of finishPartly cloudy, NE wind, 17-25° C.
Number of placed pigeons1543
Number of breeders255

Talent Quatro Team!!!

Hello friends!

We did not get any sleep!! Boss Standa woke us up at 3:30am morning. Terrible. Before we recovered, we were already in the car driving in the direction of Výšovice. “Wait, boss, we’ll torment you. There will be no mass flights. Flying through one by one. In the morning we want to sleep. Keep this in mind! “

Talents of yours.


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