Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race 2021. HOTSPOT 1


Saturday 12 June from 192 km with a liberation time of 07.30.

The pigeons are well prepared and are looking great. Bonus Races are open until liberation- Don’t forget to enter!

You can view the Running Race on our Home Page: and click on Youtube Stream to watch the race live!

Prize Money Results – HOTSPOT 1 – Prize money results (first 20 PAID/ACTIVE birds) will be published by Wednesday 16th June 2021 after verification. Activated Pigeons – Please note that the Activations on any pigeons which are not basketed for tomorrow’s flight have been transferred to the Reserve Pigeon next in line in that team.

The onus rests with the Fancier to inform us urgently of any errors in their birds’ statuses.Activations will only be done on receipt of proof of payment or done through your log-in up to the time of liberation. Credit Free Entries – Free entry credits for lost paid birds that have no reserves left in their team have been refunded to the fanciers’ Free Entries Next Year account.
Please let us know if you would like to use these funds on birds this year so we can move them to your Free Entries Current account. Please note that any pigeons which have been replaced or refunded are no longer PAID/ACTIVE. If any return or come out of Recovery they will have to be activated again if you want them to compete for prize money going forward.

  • Punto de suelta: Fatima
  • Distancia: 192 km
  • Fecha y hora de suelta: 12.06.2021 07:30:00 (GMT +2:00)
  • Palomas encestadas: 5071


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