• Release Point: Portel
  • Info:Due to heavy fog on the release zone we had to move the truck to a zone with better visibility to Redondo Zone after checking with our weather advisors we moved again the truck to portel zone and the release was made at 10.15H at 151km.
  • Distance: 151 km
  • Release Time: 17.09.2021 10:15:00 (GMT +1:00)
  • basketed Pigeons: 2453

Today (17/09/2021) the 3th Race was held. Loose happened at 09:30 am in Redondo 181 km *.* Due to the heavy fog in the release zone, we had to move the truck to a better visible area

1st Place – Team Guilherme Silva Torres from Portugal with their athlete PT065- 004
2st Place – Team Carvalho & Figueiredo B from Portugal with their athlete PT053- 426
3st Place – UK Shane Gent Team with their athlete Shane Gent 5
4st Place – Team Sylt-Aedtner, Jens from Germany with their athlete Sylt Jens 3
5st Place – Belgium Dirk Moens Team with their athlete BEL036- 091

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