21 November, 2019

Bjørn Ove Helgesen (Norway). SPEED Championship 2018 CHAMPION.

SPEED Championship 2018 Trophy. Masters World Division. One Loft Racing World League.   The Masters World Division 2018 sixteenth race: Algarve Great Derby. 14/09/2018. 150 km. It was the last scoring race for Speed Championship 2018 of Masters World Division. For Speed Championship score the races with less of 200 km of the 4 scoring One Loft Races of Masters World Division. The difference before this race between the first (Bjørn Ove Helgesen) and the second place (Familie Soellner) was one second, with the third (Sporting Pigeons Team) the difference is 8 minutes and 40 seconds, so everything were decided in the last race. The first Bjørn Ove Helgesen pigeon spent 01:47:35, the first Familie Soellner pigeon spent 01:50:23, and finally, the first Sporting Pigeon Team pigeon spent 01:54:35 to fly this race. So, Bjørn Ove Helgesen (Norway) is the Speed Championship 2018 CHAMPION of Masters World Division; Top World Divison of One Loft Racing World League. We want to remind, Bjorn Ove Helgesen was Runner Up in Speed Championship 2017 Final Ranking, so we see that he is a top world fancier in the specialty of speed.  

SPEED Championship 2018

CHAMPION: Bjørn Ove Helgesen (Norway)

We want to highlight the participation of Familie Soellner (Germany) in this competition. Before the last race was one second behind the leader and at the end of the championship, after a total of 1,524 km in 11 different races, in 4 different Loft Races, in 4 different countries and against the same top world fanciers of Masters World Division 2018 of One Loft Racing World League, Familie Soellner is the SPEED Championship 2018 Runner-Up just 2 minutes and 49 seconds behind the champion.

SPEED Championship 2018

RUNNER-UP: Familie Soellner (Germany)


SPEED Championship 2018.


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