AfricaPro 2022. Race Nr.5

Race Nr.5 Release Point: 383km Info:Race5 Distance: 383 km Release Time: 11.08.2022 07:10:00 (GMT +2:00) basketed Pigeons: 594  Familie Soellner (Germany) THE CURRENT SPEED CHAMPIONSHIP 2022 LEADER

AfricaPro 2022. Race Nr.4

Race Nr.4 Release Point: 330km Info:Race4 Distance: 330 km Release Time: 05.08.2022 07:30:00 (GMT +2:00) basketed Pigeons: 619 

AfricaPro 2022. Race Nr.3

Race 3 Release Point: 280km Info:Race3 Distance: 280 km Release Time: 27.07.2022 07:30:00 (GMT +2:00) basketed Pigeons: 633 TOP TEN  Are You Ready? RACES AND KEY DATES 2022

AfricaPro 2022. Training Nr.13

Training Flight 13 Release Point: 60km Info:Training13 Distance: 60 km Release Time: 25.07.2022 08:30:00 (GMT +2:00) basketed Pigeons: 632  Interview with Len Knoetze from Knoetze Lofts who is currently the Black Jacket leader of Race 2. Len also placed 3rd in Leeu Gamka on the Federated Board of Homing Unions against 8999 other pigeons.

AfricaPro 2022. Training Nr.12

Training Flight 12 Release Point: 87km Info:Training12 Distance: 87 km Release Time: 24.07.2022 08:00:00 (GMT +2:00) basketed Pigeons: 633 AfricaPro Team: Dr Rob was very satisfied with the outcome of his testing, and he is happy with the condition of all pigeons after Race 2. We wish all participants the best of luck for Race 3 next week! VIDEO …

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AfricaPro 2022. Race Nr.2

Race Nr.2 Release Point: 183km Info:Race2 Distance: 183 km Release Time: 21.07.2022 08:00:00 (GMT +2:00) basketed Pigeons: 629 Top Ten 

AfricaPro 2022. Training Nr.11

Training Nr.11 Release Point: 80kmInfo: Training11Distance: 80 kmRelease Time: 19.07.2022 08:00:00 (GMT +2:00)basketed Pigeons: 626 

AfricaPro 2022. Race 1

RACE 1 Release Point: 234km Info:Race1 Distance: 234 km Release Time: 14.07.2022 09:00:00 (GMT +2:00) basketed Pigeons: 986 Basketing AFRICAPRO Team: We reached a big milestone today. All pigeons have been basketed for the very first race of the AfrikaPro One Loft Series. We wish all participants the best of luck! Video TOP TEN WINNERS 

AfricaPro 2022. Training Flight 10

Training Flight 10 Release Point: 75km Info:Training10 Distance: 75 km Release Time: 12.07.2022 09:00:00 (GMT +2:00) basketed Pigeons: 999 Early morning training before the weather picks up. 

AfricaPro 2022. Training Activation Race

Training Activation Race Release Point: 170km Info:ActivationRace Distance: 170 km Release Time: 06.07.2022 08:00:00 (GMT +2:00) basketed Pigeons: 1087 

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