Dear Fanciers
We have reported earlier this week that we wanted to move the finaledagen in dapirace from d. 24. August to d. September 14.
This justified that we were worried if we could get the kids ready for d. 24. August especially with regard to training.
We have experienced past years that the weather in Denmark can tease us and get meaning for when and how much can be trained.

Our announcement has received many negative comments and this also rightly.
Many participants in dapirace have planned their holiday exactly to d. 24. August which has been the date we have reported. We have also been made aware that many have ordered hotel and paid flight to Denmark which can not be reimbursed.
We are of course sorry that we have put a number of Sports Sports in a difficult and stupid situation.
This evening we have discussed the situation again and actually decided to hold on to the original date, so that the final will be d. August 24.

This does not mean that we compromise with the best interests of the ladies. The best interests of the ladies are the most important We will do everything in our power to get the kids ready for the final August 24. th. We must also now announce that if the weather is teasing us or there will be other things that can delay trainings ex disease we will reserve the right to postpone the final.
We all want it to be a successful final, where the pigeons have received the most optimal preparation.

With the above will do what we can for us to hold the final Saturday d. 24. August in aabenraa.

We can’t wait to get started and look forward to a great turnout for the final.

Hope for your understanding.

Sporting greeting
Friends of the friends
Team Dapirace

Henrik Meldgaard



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