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Ed Mol living at Etten-Leur, was born in 1961 and comes from a pigeon fanciers family. Grandpa and four uncles and eight cousins have racing pigeons or had them for many years of their lives. Ed was given the pigeon sport with father’s food from father Ward who also had racing pigeons all his life. Ward was a real fancier who knew all kinds of mittens, many of them came to him with a crashed pigeon “if Ward can not patch him, nobody can.” Ward was the great tutor of Ed, he understands Ed to sizes he gets better and better. “Father was right” Pigeon sport that is in the genes, the pigeons are good or they are not, they are healthy pigeons or they are not, as a fancier you can not change that much. It is better not to think about doing a pigeon or you still want more of such “accidents”.

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