High Desert Yearling Classic – 380 Miles; Dry Lakes, NV

RACE 380 Miles

Station: Dry Lakes, Nevada – A Race

Distance: 380 Miles     

Release: 11-Jun-2021 07:00

Birds were released this morning at 7 am. They all circled up nicely and started to head toward Vegas but then decided they had better head home. Winds for the first 100 or so miles should be on their nose.
Then over the rest of course it should switch to a slight tail wind. Temperatures should be in the high 70’s as the weather heats up and a few spots will crest 80. It should be a good test for your birds. 
It could be an 8 hour flight or it could be a 9+ hour flight for the lead birds. So many unknowns of what they will run into in the rugged Nevada Terrain. 
Food will be ready around Noon if you plan on watching the birds come in. 

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