Hoosier Classic 2021. Closed intake period for the 2021 season.

Update 28 for 2021

We have officially closed our intake period for the 2021 season. As of Tuesday 8/06/2021 we have had every bird entered in the race clocked in including birds that have been sent as replacements. After completing this we have 4378 birds that have clocked.

Wednesday June 9th we set the clock for a loft fly. We noticed during the clocking that there are currently 3 antennas that are not working, causing many birds to not clock on the loft fly. We have high temperatures and high humidity here. We will work on the antennas and have the birds clock again tomorrow to pick up any that have been missed. We do not want to stress them today trying to get them to go over antennas again.

Moving forward we will continue to set the clock every other day. With the amount of birds we have no matter how hard we try to slow them down coming into the loft we always have a few that manage to miss the antennas. By setting the clock every other day it will allow missed birds to clock the next day and hopefully help us keep a more accurate inventory of the birds.

Other than an issue with the antennas today, everything is going well this season. We are seeing the end of the usual viruses that we see early in the season come to an end. The birds have all handled the intake and settling process quite well. We can’t say enough that we truly believe the changes made during the off season have only benefited this season for the better.
Also, as a reminder, Please Do Not Make Changes To Loft Names moving forward. Any changes made by a fancier in Wincompanion may prevent the birds from clocking.

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