Most Popular Pigeon Racing Championships

Pigeon racing is a sport in which the birds are specially bred and trained for races. In the race, they are released from specific locations and then they come back to their home lofts. The pigeons are prepared for their competitions with nutritious food and exercises designed to improve their stamina and speed.


This sport is getting more and more popular among people of all ages and professions. It’s a highly exhilarating experience while you wait to see if the months of training will be worthwhile.

In fact, the race can be compared to winning a jackpot in an online casino such as


UK players know that the rush of spinning progressives is the best part of the entire gambling experience. And if you’re lucky you’ll have a chance to win huge cash prizes. In case you don’t want to play slot games, there are other casino games you can play like blackjack, roulette, craps and more.

Fortunately, with the technology we have today you can watch most of the pigeon racing championships online as you can also play online casino games for free or real money. In our list below you will find, some of the most popular pigeon racing championships and experience the thrill of the race in the UK, Romania or India.




Some of the most popular national races that take place in the UK are National Championship Long Distance and National Championship Yearlings (loft).  The first race is about 800 kilometers long. The fancier needs to choose the 3 best pigeons for the race. You win points with the first 2 nominated birds. These are pigeons that were on the top of the pooling sheet and the fancier expects them to get home first.


In conclusion, 3 races count and 2 points can be won in one race. The National Championship Yearlings is open for one-year-old birds. You get to choose 2 pick birds for 7 races. The minimum distance for each race is 50 kilometers or a total of 2 000 kilometers.



Pigeon racing is very popular in Romania and there’s a good collaboration with pigeon fanciers from Belgium, Germany, and other European countries. In Romania, many pigeon breeders join the National Federation and participate in smaller local competitions every year. But the biggest competition is organized by Best Pigeons, and it’s called the Madona National Marathon. It’s a yearly event with more than 19 000 pigeons and 1 000 fanciers.




The main center of this sport is in southern India in Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu. In Chennai, there are many clubs like the Elite Royal Pigeon Society, Sky Racing Society and more. Actually, half of India’s 7 000 strong fanciers are from Chennai.


Between January and April, there are races of varying lengths conducted by the Indian Racing Pigeon Association. The races vary between 200 and 1 400 kilometers in length. Last year, the race with a maximum length of 1 850 kilometers was canceled after many animal rights groups expressed concerns over the cruelty of the sport.

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