The Portuguese Pigeon Pigeon Federation organizes next Saturday, May 22, the largest release of carrier pigeons in Europe.

There are 60 thousand racing pigeons, representing 14 district associations, 400 clubs and 8,000 pigeons who will leave Portugal, next Thursday, the 20th, to Valencia del Cid, in Spain, in trucks properly prepared to guarantee the well-being of “athletes”.

The pigeons will be released on Saturday, May 22, in the morning, next to the Ricardo Tormo race track, in Cheste (Valencia).

The Valencia test is a competition that arouses the interest of practitioners from all over the world, being of great demand and spectacularity.

Homing pigeons cross the Iberian territory, traveling an average distance of 750 km (8 to 10 hours of flight) until they reach their lofts. Due to its characteristics, it is the biggest loose and one of the biggest long distance competitions disputed in the European space.

An aerial view of the release of the Valencia race, held this morning, at 6:45 am, in Cheste, next to the Ricardo Torno race track.

The pigeons were released at a time when the sky was cloudy, with a weak east wind and showed excellent orientation.
To all a good race, full of emotion and fair play!


GUILHERME SILVA TORRES, competitor at the Columbófila Lavradiense Society (Lavradio, Setúbal District), was the winner of the National Fund Test (held on 22/05/2021, at a distance of 734 km), from the 2021 Sports Campaign, Loose in Valencia Del Cid at 06 h: 45 m, involving about 60.000 pigeons.
The winning athlete 7228334/17 was found at 16 p.m. and travelled 734.214 kilometres at an average of 1.278,22 m per minute.

The first pigeon communicated in the district of Viana do Castelo, with the ring 8502214/18 POR, arrived at 17:46:24 and belongs to the Os Kitos team.
“It is impressive. We have been waiting a long time and then it is complete happiness”, assured Jorge Rego to the Portuguese Federation of Columbofilia.

The first pigeon communicated in the district of Faro, with the ring 8118521/18 POR, arrived at 15:50:58 and belongs to the Verguete & Videira team.
“It arrived well, it is a female who has already won other events,” said Mário Verguete, proud of the achievement of his dove, in declarations to the Portuguese Federation of Columbofilia.

The first pigeon communicated in the district of Leiria, with the ring 8027156/18 POR, arrived at 16:27:07 and belongs to João Carvalho.

“It is that very good feeling. I already knew the averages of the other districts and I was waiting for it to arrive. It was already half an hour late!”, Revealed João Carvalho to the Portuguese Federation of Columbofilia.

The provisional results of the Valencia test can be consulted at:



Manuel Coelho, president of the columbophila society of Paredes, live.

All information related to the procedures for Columbophiles, Clubs, Associations and Federation with respect to the national fund race, to be held this Saturday, is available for consultation at:

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