24 September, 2020

Thailand Nong Chok FCI Grand Prix 2020


TOTAL PRIZES: €150.000

Amount of pigeons: 6000

Reception of pigeons from: 01/03/2020

Reception of pigeons to: 31/07/2020

Final Race Date: 7/01/2021

Final Race Distance: 530 km


Information: Prizes and International Coordinators CLICK HERE



Thailand Nong Chok FCI Grand Prix is the new Thailand One Loft Race which created the arena for all world fanciers. In order to promote the mundial ranking to all nations, the FCI decided to issue the FCI Grandprix Rings for fanciers in non members countries. This is to help all fanciers worldwide because even in the countries that are FCI members but some fanciers may not be able to purchase the FCI foot rings. These fanciers can use the FCI Grandprix Rings instead of the normal FCI foot rings. Thailand Nong Chok FCI Grand Prix will help participants in many non FCI member countries order the FCI Grandprix Rings in 2020. We also request all participants to use FCI rings in order to be ranked by the FCI mundial ranking. It is also the fact that the Thailand Homing Pigeon Federation start order the FCI Thailand 2020 foot rings for the first time to support one Thailand team after this Thailand team was ranked in the very top position in 2019. The promotion of the FCI world ranking together with the Grand Prix Race is the main objective of Thailand Nong Chok FCI Grand Prix.

Thailand Nong Chok FCI Grand Prix is one of the world biggest FCI one loft race facility which are able to handle 6000 pigeons under the support of Benzing, the world best pigeon clocking system. With 2 M1 and 8 sets of 12 fields antennas, the training and official races will be watched online by the participants real time. At 4.5 acres plot of land, Thailand Nong Chok FCI Grand Prix One Loft Race provides a 600 square meters loft, a 300 square meters basketing area, a 5 units quarantine loft, a staff resident unit for 1 manager and 8 staffs, a central rest area and a security unit. With the green concept, the Thailand Nong Chok FCI Grand Prix One Loft Race provides the street light solar cell units in the compound. The waste water treatment will be the constructed wetland. The treatment water from the lake will be recycled for the wash of the loft floor which is the pigeon deep liter area to feed fishes in the lake.

Pigeons health is the main objective of the loft management; therefore, the prevention system will be applied at the Thailand Nong Chok FCI Grand Prix One Loft Race. The vaccination program will be set to control Circovirus, Paramyxovirus, Herpesvirus, Adenovirus, Rotavirus, Pox and Salmonella. The canker, respirpatory, worm and external parasites will also be controlled by the experient loft manager and his staffs. The exercise and training program will be set to assure the best performance of all the pigeon entries. Climate check before the release of the birds will be stictly monitored by the management team to minimize loss in each training or race. The transportation truck and the lofts will be minitored by the Closed Circuit Televition with high quality software and hardware. The system can be onlined by the management team to make sure that the pigeons always are insight.

The mission of the management team is to build the Thailand Nong Chock FCI Grand Prix One Loft Race as one of the best one loft race in the world with the affordable entrance fee to all world pigeon fanciers.







DrJuve Techavichian

Loft Manager






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