Status in the equator of the competition Masters World Division 2017.

Masters World Division 2017, after 8 races, in the equator of the competition there is a clear protagonist, Mr. Ervin Laro from Italy, who is the current leader of Masters World Cup (Main Competition). Remember that, the winner of this competition will write his name in the exclusive trophy Masters World Cup, which is waiting for the World Champion each year. As you know, besides there are other 4 compititions, which we consider very importants too. With respect to is specilists in distances, there are Speed Championship (8 races with less than 250 km.) and Long Distance Championship (8 races with more than 250 km.). Sporting Pigeons Team (Portugal) is the current leader of Speed Championship and Ervin Laro (Italy) is the current leader of Long Distance Championship. The elemination competitions are Knock Out Championship and Hot Spot Champinship. Both competitions have 4 rounds; 1 round in each scoring One Loft Race and 2 speed races and 2 long distance races. Currently, both competitions are in semifinal: Knock Out Championship Semifinal: Bjorn Ove Helgesen (Norway) vs Cristiano Paltrinieri (Italy). Karakurt Pigeons (Turkey) vs Sporting Pigeons Team (Portugal). Hot Spot Championship Semifinal: Bjorn Ove Helgesen (Norway), Sporting Pigeons Team (Portugal) WL Jordi Tolo Team (Spain) and Ervin Laro (Italy). The competition is in the equator, so everything to decide, 8 races will decide the winners, the true specialsts in One Loft Races, who are not afraid of competing in the same conditions with the rest of fanciers. From One Loft Racing World League organization continue working for our favourite sport; racing pigeons in one loft races. We are happy with the development of the competition and with the satisfaction of the participants, they are liviving a special year in their sport. Good luck to you all and we invite you to join One Loft Racing World League 2018.



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