The championship may be attended by anyone (except the organizer) who will deliver their pigeons to the International Joint Loft Giewont with their ownership cards and pedigrees on time. Any person can participate in the MWG 2021 championship:

  • whose racing pigeons of the year 2021 have FCI rings or rings of Polish and foreign racing pigeon clubs,
  • make a prepayment-entry to WG GIEWONT (the so-called admission ticket) in the amount of PLN 100 or EUR 25 for each registered pigeon within 14 days from the date of notification of the pigeons,
  • Each participant receives a receipt or a VAT invoice.
  • will pay the remaining amount within the prescribed period – by … .. (or not later than until the pigeons are delivered),
  • in case of payment of the advance or the whole amount but not delivery of pigeons, the amount is not refundable.
  • The list of participants will be unlimited. The order in which the pigeons are returned is decisive for participation in the MWG Championship, it will be done in the following way: Persons from the list of participants will return their pigeons to the MWG until there are no more places or until May 30, 2021, at a later time, PIGEONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. People who make a deposit and do not return pigeons within the set time will not receive a refund.
  • Each participant may submit any number of teams and pigeons, the team composition will be completed by the participant 3 days before the competition flight, after this time it will not be possible to change the team, if not, the organizer will submit a composition of randomly selected pigeons (team of 5), you can submit smaller amounts or single pieces as a team, but it will be associated with a smaller chance in the competition of “Giewont Master”.

When delivering pigeons, each participant is obliged to provide the ownership cards of the sent pigeons, pigeon pedigrees and the exact correspondence address with a telephone number (this will save us the trouble of contacting at a later date).

  • The fee is 2000 PLN gross or 500 EUR for 1 team.
  • The fee is 400 PLN gross or 100 EUR for 1 item
  • The deadline for sending pigeons: from 01/04 to 30/05/2021.
  • At a later date, i.e. after May 30, PIGEONS WILL NOT BE RECEIVED,

Pigeons must be vaccinated against Paramyxovirus before dispatch. It is also recommended against Salmonella,

  • We deliver 40-45 day old pigeons at MWG, we do not accept winter youngsters,
  • During training around the loft, there will be about 2-5 pigeon counts, about 2 weeks before the training flights. The pigeon exchange is possible until June 30, 2021
  • Electronic rings will be awarded with a dove on the day of arrival at the WG
  • A breeder who has a pigeon lost and does not replace it by June 30, 2021, will be able to return the pigeon to MWG Giewont in the next edition free of charge.
  • The pigeons delivered to the joint loft for the duration of training and competition are subject to the Organiser’s regulations.
  • The organizer takes care of entrusted pigeons in the form of:  accommodation in lofts | training and competition flights in accordance with the regulations | feed, vitamins, grits, vaccinations, etc. | veterinary care by Coba | keeping and publishing relevant documentation on the course of the championship on the website.
  • Pigeons delivered to a common loft in poor health, with signs of disease or with suspicion of disease will be returned immediately to the owner – the participant at his expense.
  • The racing competition takes place in the organizer’s private transport and training cabin (capacity 1000 pcs).
  • The organizer assumes 8 training flights (the clock will be on for training, the pigeons will not be basketed on the mother) at the following distances:


  • 3km
  • 5 km
  • 10 km
  • 15 km 
  • 30 km 
  • 50 km 
  • 70 km

approx. 1-2 training flights a week, approx. 30 km long between competition flights.
4 competition flights over the following distances:


1 lot
120 kmSosnicowice
2nd lot160 kmStrzelce Opolskie
3rd lot200 kmKluczbork
4th lot260 kmKepno
5 lot435kmŚwiebodzin Little Final (Basic)
6 lot550 kmWesterplatte Big Final for willing (additional) activation PLN 150.

The length of flights and the place of the Release may change due to weather and weather conditions, the decision is made by the organizer. the first competition flight will take place around 30 July 2021. The exact dates will be announced at a later date.

How does OLR GIEWONT look?



Competition flights from (1-4):

1st placePLN 800 + diploma
2nd placePLN 400 + diploma
3rd placePLN 400 + diploma
4th placePLN 200 + diploma
5th placePLN 200 + diploma
6th placePLN 100 + diploma
7th placePLN 100 + diploma
8th placePLN 100 + diploma
9th placePLN 100 + diploma
10th placePLN 100 + diploma

Competition flights and finals winners series 5/3 (best beat):

1 lot
1000 PLN – diploma
2nd lot1000 PLN – diploma
3rd lot1000 PLN – diploma
4th lot1000 PLN – diploma
5th flight final small basic2000 PLN- diploma
6th flight final Large Extra3000 PLN – diploma


1st place
PLN 30,000 + cup + diploma
2nd placePLN 15,000 + cup + diploma
3rd placePLN 10,000 + cup + diploma
4th placePLN 3,000 + diploma
5th placePLN 3,000 + diploma
6th placePLN 2,000 + diploma
7th placePLN 2,000 + diploma
8th placePLN 2,000 + diploma
9th placePLN 2,000 + diploma
10th placePLN 2,000 + diploma
11-30 placePLN 1000 + diplomas
31-70 placesPLN 500 + diplomas
71-100 placesPLN 300 + diplomas
101–120 placesPLN 200 + diplomas

Ace of pigeons – competitor flyer 1-4 + small final:

1st place
PLN 10,000 + cup + diploma
2nd placePLN 5000 + cup + diploma
3rd place3000 PLN + cup + diploma
4th place2000 PLN + cup + diploma
5th place1000 PLN + cup + diploma
6th place1000 PLN + cup + diploma
7th placePLN 500 + cup + diploma
8th placePLN 500 + cup + diploma
9th placePLN 500 + cup + diploma
10th placePLN 500 + cup + diploma

LARGE FINAL additional

1st place
PLN 15,000 + cup + diploma
2nd placePLN 10,000 + cup + diploma
3rd placePLN 5,000 + cup + diploma
4th place10% of activation + diploma
5th place10% of activation + diploma
6th place5% of activation + diploma
7th place5% of activation + diploma
8th place5% of activation + diploma
9th place5% of activation + diploma
10th place5% of activation + diploma
11th place5% of activation + diploma
12th place5% of activation + diploma
13th place5% of activation + diploma
14th place5% of activation + diploma
15th place5% of activation + diploma

8.    Basic Competition (MWG GIEWONT CHAMPION, flights from 1-5)

Master of Giewont10.000 PLN + a cup,
1st Vice Champion of GiewontPLN 5,000 + a cup
2nd Vice Champion of GiewontPLN 3,000 + a cup
1 leaderPLN 2,000 + diploma
2 leaderPLN 2,000 + diploma
3 leaderPLN 2,000 + diploma
4 leader PLN 2,000 + diploma
5 leader PLN 2,000 + diploma
6-10 leaderPLN 1,000 + diploma

TOTAL PRIZE BUNDLE 215,000 PLN + 15,000 PLN (2020 edition) + activation big final + cups, diplomas, gadgets.

  • In the AS pigeon competition, the sum of points of one pigeon will be calculated on a 50% competition basis. For every 100 km, the clock will be on 24 hours from the moment the pigeons are released.
  • Flights from (1 to 5) are counted for the Ace scoring.
  • Points will be counted as follows: for every 10 km flight 1 point,  e.g. 100 km flight = 10 points, the first pigeon the next pigeons receive a point with a decrease of 30%, i.e. the last one in the end. = 7 points, the ace pilots receive the same score.
  • Prizes with a stocking of at least 1000 pigeons (paid pigeons), if the stocking is not collected, the prizes will be reduced in percentage. We will publish the amount of the prizes after receiving the pigeons.
  • The full cast of the loft is 1000 pigeons  
  • 50 pcs. Charity goals and sponsors = 1050 pcs.


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Pyzówka, ul. Podhalańska 60 c,
34-404 Klikuszowa,
Phone: +48 603 400 723

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