Daniel Brandt, the youngest participant of One Loft Racing World League.

Daniel Brandt is the youngest participant of One Loft Racing World League that gets a place in Top World Division. He is 31 years old and lives in Twist (Germany). He was the first to send the pre-registration form, and has got a place in Top World Division for his result in Derby Cartaxo (5th Final Race). Daniel surprises us his youth and prefers quality than quantity, belongs to a new generation of pigeon fanciers, and we like because our sport needs more young people to participate and continue this exciting hobby.daniel-brandt Daniel Brandt   Frank Parra, from www.oneloftracing.com, has spoken with Daniel Brandt Frank: Hi Daniel Brandt, first of all, congratulations on your results in Derby Cartaxo, where your pigeon NL 16-1074321 got the fifth position in the final race; 380 km. Daniel: Thank you very much, I am very proud of my pigeons. I can not play in a club for work purposes, and I like One Loft Races. This year is hard for me, because I am a small fancier 5 single breeding boxes.daniel-brandt-loft Daniel Brandt Loft   Frank: Only five? I do not believe it! Daniel: Yes I think it will be better that if you are small and do not have a lot of money, you have to choose. I prefer quality than quantity, 5 single breeding boxes, each pair is sitting alone. In 2006 I won the 2. National Morlincourt against Koopmann, Vredeveld, Gebr, Leidemann etc. This cock was also father of 7th scmdpr and with this money I bought some new pigeons. The 7th place was won from Jacob Bakker Netherlands, he paid the entrance fee (I have not so much money) so each of us get 12 500  $.racing-pigeons Is also Fullbrother to 2. Ace FCI Sofia 2015 and Best Youngster of Germany 2012 (Paula) at Karl Heinz Wichert. pigeon-daniel-brandt She is mother of Brandt 598 which fly on Derby Arona 1.Hot Spot 52 th / 1589 pigeons, 2. Gran Canaria 30 th/ 959 pigeons and 2. Hot Spot 7th / 927 pigeons. first-ace-final-race   Frank: What have been your results? Daniel: After starting this year great in Derby Arona with 2 x Top 10 results on the preflights and final race 19 th place the pigeon Brandt 600 was sold  for 2000€ money I do not have to buy back this bird.  The mother was also the mother of 7th place of scmdpr 2015. So I have do not play youngsters from this Top hen. So I have to test only 4 breeding couples for the Rest this season. My Best result was 5th final Cartaxo + 2th Ace Bird Born from a cock which is given with 3 different hens Champion birds and he is a late bird of 2014, mother is 1st ace of as golden pigeon race in greece. In Czech race Talent I have before final 7th ace bird.daniel-brandt-pigeon Pigeon Brandt 600.  Is Halfsister to 7th Place SCMDPR  (Same Mother). brieftauben He wins at his own 2. FCI Usedom Final and is Fullbrother to 22. Final Algarve Golden Race 2015 and is Bred by Werner Grothe / Alexandra Nixdorf. pigeon-talent-quatro   Frank: What do you expect of One Loft Racing World League? Only 100 teams around the world will be in the Top World Division. Daniel: I very happy the only way to see who is the best, but I know it will be a hard competition, the big fanciers can select maybe out of 20 breeding couples I only out of 6 pairs next year. I like www.oneloftracing.com, if you want to play races the whole year it is possible. Than you have to need Information what pigeons are good in which country. What I mean is other country other pigeon.  And I like this kind of information via Facebook + email  and you have not a lot  papers and books on the table. So go on!   Frank: Thank you very much for your availability Daniel, we are grateful for your words about our website, good luck in your races and welcome to the most exciting competition for fanciers in the world. Daniel: You are welcome, thank you very much.   Finally, from www.oneloftracing.com want to remind all fanciers around the world that if they want to be, as Daniel says, “The only way to see who is the best”, only have to complete PRE-REGISTRATION FORM. ]]>

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