What is One Loft Racing World League?

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What is One Loft Racing World League?

One Loft Racing World League is a new world championship where all fanciers in the world can participate, while they do it in the One Loft Races. One Loft Racing World League is divided into categories (divisions); first división, second division, etc.

Each division is composed of 100 teams competing in 4 One Loft Races, previously established by www.oneloftracing.com.

When and how One Loft Racing World League begins?

The first edition of One Loft Racing World League will begin in 2017, but if you want to participate in it, you have to be pre-registered now.

That is because the division of the participants in different categories (first world division, second world division,…) in the first edition will be done according their results in each final race of the 2016 One Loft Races.

Therefore, the most important thing now is to make the pre-registration, which will only serve to make the composition of the categories, then you will decide freely if you want to participate or not. Very important, if you want to participate and are not pre-registered, you will have to start the league championship lowest category. PRE-REGISTRATION FORM. Any fancier in the world can pre-register, although is not currently participating in any One Loft Race.

Key Dates

Pre-registration of participants: PERMANENTLY Communication of the One Loft Races in each league: From 01/11/2016 to 15/11/2016 Definitive registration of participants: From 01/11/2016 to the beginning of season.

How does the competition work?

Take an example. The first division will be composed of 100 pre-registered teams, who have obtained the best results in the final races of the One Loft Races in 2016, bear in mind that we are talking about the elite of our sport, a group composed of champions in 2016.

The organization decides and communicates the 4 One Loft Races where the 100 teams compete. Participants will have to send their pigeons to these the 4 One Loft Races, complying with the rules, dates, registration, awards, etc. of each of them.

In each race, only punctuate the pigeon with the best result of each team.

The organization will comunicate the qualifying races of each One Loft Race.

The amount of points obtained in each race will be the same as the kilometers traveled by the best pigeon of the team.

In case of a tie on points between teams, the tiebreaker is the sum of the times used by the best pigeon of the team in each of the races, winning the team has used less time.

Therefore, we have 100 teams participating in the same races. The end result, a global ranking of fanciers, and very importantly, the teams with worse outcomes lose the category and go down to the second division, and in turn, the best teams in the second division, which has the same performance than first division will amount to the first world division and so on.

We know that One Loft Racing World League is a new concept, if you have any questions, contact us. worldleague@oneloftracing.com

We remember that the most important is to make your pre-registration. PRE-REGISTRATION FORM


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