Hot Spot 4 FCI Flug

  • Release Point: Miorita – Ciobanu
  • Info:Folgende Tauben wurde wegen Verletyung oder Verspaetung nicht eingesetzt:
    DV 06723-1447
    DV 041824
    DV 02733-175
    DV 01576-2111
    DV 01759-1393
    DV 04858-4101
    DV 0507 – 270
    Austria 906-152
    Hun 74640-11
    PL 0193-2510
    PL 0193 – 2626
    RO 386474
    RO 003671
    BG 54509
    CH 12823
    CH 18776
    BE 42-02364
    RO 012014
    BE 1005216
    NL 2127156
  • Distance: 333 km
  • Release Time: 23.08.2021 07:00:00 (GMT +3:00)
  • basketed Pigeons: 1020


Loft report from final flight FCI – HS 4

It was a difficult test for all participating pigeons. With the Danube on the left and in front, in the direction of the loft, we had to launch the pigeons at 07.40, after the fog rose. in the first 100 km there was no wind, only temperatures of 22 degrees Celsius, which during the day rose to 30 degrees.
For the rest of the distance, the wind was from south to east, which made all the arriving pigeons come from the North-East direction, from Ukraine-Moldova.Congratulations to the German winner Karl Heinz Wichert, whose pigeons showed a constant performance throughout the season. But also the pigeons from Bulgaria, from the Petar and Kiril Raponski team, as the second arrived pigeon – excellent. Another German pigeon from the Flying Dreams team won 3rd place. Here the dreams came true. The same goes for the 4th place in Poland by Michal + Patryk Wrobel. 5th pigeon, again a Bulgarian pigeon from the GT-Kalojan and Sevdalin team. The 6th place was occupied by a Romanian pigeon from the well-known breeder Dr. Bichir. Four more German pigeons in 7-10th places: Jökel Skylights, Dieter Siebert, the team from Affeln-Amecke and in 10th place, the pigeons from Dietmar Kaiser.

Congratulations again to all the other participants. The Europa Master Pigeons OLR Team.

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