Masters World Division 2019 STARTS.



Dear fanciers:

Masters World Division (Top division of One Loft Racing World League) 2019 starts on 06/08/2019 Race 1: Danish Pigeon Race 154 Km.

Masters World Division is a real challenge of the sport of racing pigeons in One Loft Races, whose champions to date are: in 2017 Ervin Laro (Italy) and in 2018 Familie Soellner (Germany). It is the top world fanciers competition for specialists in One Loft Races, the same participants, in the same races, in the same One Loft Races in 4 different countries. Whose pigeons will take less time to complete all the races?


This first race, is the Knock Out Championship Round 1; Championship of 5 rounds in Knock-out format, of teams (no pigeons). They are 21 participants, the first 16 teams in this race will be qualified and 5 will be not qualified. Besides, the position of the first 16 teams will establish the place and rivals of each team in the elimination table of face-to-face confrontations.

All information about participants, rankings, races, pigeons is published on:

We hope you all enjoy the competition, and good luck in the races.

We will continue informing.

Best regards.


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