17 October, 2019

Silviu Andrei, an One Loft Race professional, will participate in Top World Divison of One Loft Racing World League.

Silviu Andrei is 39 years old and he lives in Targoviste (Romania). Many people know him because he is the organizer of Honest Race One Loft Race, but besides he is surprising everyone for his results as a participant in One Loft Races in 2016, so we think he is an One Loft Race real professional. He has got a place amply, 2nd Oltenia Golden Trophy OLR Final Race and 3rd in Dracula OLR Final Race. He completed his pre-registration form and he want to have Honest Race One Loft Race in One Loft Racing World League. Finally, Silviu Andrei will be in Top World Division 2017, so Honest Race One Loft Race will score for one of the Promotional Leagues 2017 (which give access to Top World Division 2018) of One Loft Racing World League.andrei-silviu                   Silviu Andrei   Frank Parra, from www.oneloftracing.com, has spoken with Silviu Andrei Frank: Hi Silviu Andrei, first of all, congratulations on your results in Oltenia Golden Trophy OLR (2nd in Final Race) and Dracula OLR (3rd in Final Race). Silviu Andrei: Thank you very much, I am really proud of my results in 2016. Besides, they give me a place Top World Division. I started to compete in One Loft Races only a few years ago.racing-pigeonpedigree-racing-pigeon   Frank: How many pigeons and what kind of pigeons do you have? Silviu Andrei: I have about 60 pigeons for breeding, most of them for 400-500 km.andrei-silviu-loft                   Loft outside.racing-pigeons-breeders Loft inside.   Frank: Frank: Why do you participate in One Loft Races? Silviu Andrei: I always participate to win, besides I like change and test couples in One Loft Races.german-pigeongerman-pigeon-pedigree   Frank: What have been your results in 2016? Silviu Andrei: 1e AS PALOMAS en ASRACINGPIGEONS.RO 2e final race OLTENIAGOLDENTROPHY.RO 3e FINAL Y 4e AS PALOMAS en DRACULA OLR 6e FINAL en LEVIN HAUS OLR 3e AS PALOMA LEVIN HAUS OLR 3e AS PALOMA SUPER VELOCIDAD en DERBY COSTA DEL SOL 13e SUPER DERBY en LEVIN HAUS OLR 1e SEMIFINAL en TRANSILVANIA OLR 2 final 2 AS derby cvnromanian-pigeonromanian-pigeon-pedigree Frank: What about Honest Race One Loft Race? Why this name?   Silviu Andrei: I am happy with the development of Honest Race One Loft Race, we have had 540 pigeons in 2016 edition, we go step by step. From my point of view the most important in One Loft Races is the TRANSPARENCY, for this reason I named my One Loft Race; Honest Race, and I am demonstrating.honest-2 honest-race-one-loft-race honest-race HONEST RACE One Loft Race   Frank: What do you expect of One Loft Racing World League? Silviu Andrei: The first position. Frank: Thank you very much for your availability Silviu Andrei, good luck in your races and welcome to the most exciting competition for fanciers around the world. Silviu Andrei: You are welcome, thank you very much. Finally, from www.oneloftracing.com want to remind all fanciers around the world that if they want to compete against the best One Loft Races specialists in the world in a fair competition, only have to complete the PRE-REGISTRATION FORM.   courelogo-honest  ]]>

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