Texas Dash For Cash OLR 2022. Loft Fly 22/07/2022

Loft Fly 22/07/2022

  • Release Point: loft
  • Info: VIDEO
  • Distance: 1 km
  • Release Time: 22.07.2022 07:00:00 (GMT -5:00)
  • basketed Pigeons: 1704

Texas Dash For Cash OLR Team (29/06/22):

Just a quick update on what is happening at the TX Dash for Cash OLR.  The net is back up, the 9th and 10th flights are growing back in.  The birds are being let out into the netting system at this time. The overall health of the birds is good. If you have Facebook, please look us up as Lelton does videos almost daily on what is happening at the loft and with the race series.  We appreciate your support and look forward to a great race series!


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