With my partner Jose working hard for One Loft Racing World League. The www.oneloftracing.com team.

Dears fanciers:

Many of you are asking us the rules and the One Loft Races to which you will have to send the pigeons next year to participate in One Loft Racing World League. We are currently receiving Adhesion Agreements (Until 31.10.2016) from One Loft Races to be within our competition.

Next week we will send you:

– Regulation One Loft Racing World League 2017 (Common for all divisions).

– Rules Masters World Division 2017 (Top World Division) and we will communicate one of the four One Loft Races that will score for this division.

As we have announced from the beginning, before 15.11.2016 will be communicated scoring four One Loft Races for Masters World Division, and we will open the registration period for you to do proper planning for next season.

From that date we will be communicating the rules and scoring One Loft Races for different Promotional Divisions 2017 (which give access to Masters World League 2018).

Pre-registration period: PRE-REGISTRATION FORM

As always, we are at your disposal for any questions.

Best regards.

Francisco P. Ruiz and José P. García (Asociación Global Derby)


Francisco P. Ruiz and José P. García (Asociación Global Derby)


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